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They can’t kill creativity.  There will always be sparks.


As the bland fog of globalisation rolls ever onwards, and the race to cut prices devours design as well as quality, we watch for them...

These small sparks of creativity and individuality.  Of resistance.


As more products go from hand made with love to mass produced on a budget, we see the resistance growing.  

From coffee to ice cream, jewellery to wallets, we see a surge of artisans making things the way they should be made.  

We see new social platforms allowing them to show the world what they make and the power of the people embracing them.

We watch them thrive... and we smile.


We want to help these sparks burn more brightly.


At the intersection of Craft and fashion, of DIY and style, Micador for Home is born.


From our deep roots in fine art supplies, we introduce a range of DIY Craft products, with fashion forward colour palettes, quality materials and a touch of inspiration.  For the home, the desk, or even to wear, Micador for Home helps people express their individual style and creativity.  


Our offer includes complete kits to use or gift, complemented by a selection of premium decorative tools and materials across three seasonal colour palettes that allow your customers to go their own way.


The rest is up to them... and their spark.


Micador for Home

Artisan Craft (TM)