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Everyone is born creative.

That creativity can be unlearned as children grow in a society that encourages conformity... or it can be nurtured until it bursts into something amazing. Creativity needs encouraging parents and educators, it needs an environment where it’s okay to play and experiment... and sometimes to fail without consequence. The creative spark also needs tools that are designed specifically for a child’s age and stage of development. You wouldn’t put your child in adult gumboots and ask them to run a race, so don’t give them art materials that aren’t designed with them specifically in mind.

Micador’s early stART range begins a child’s creative journey from 1 year old, with product designed for a full handed grip, developing motor skills, safe use and washability.

To enhance the next stage of a child’s creative journey, we introduce Micador jR., designed specifically for 3 to 8 year olds. Motor skills have improved, helping grip and coordination, meaning markings are more accurate and consistent. At this stage, children begin looking for more diversity in colour, shape and texture. Micador jR. provides children with the tools perfect for this developmental stage, while still ensuring safety and washability.

We focus on quality materials as well great design, and as we fan the creative spark into a roaring flame, we ensure that every child’s experience is amazing.


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